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Are employees working for me in Germany covered by the German accident insurance scheme?

Employees in Germany are compulsorily insured by the statutory accident insurance institutions. This principle also applies when your company is located abroad and has no registered office or branch office in Germany.

If employees work for you in Germany you have to register with your competent accident insurance institution.

The accident insurance system in Germany is funded only by employers. Once you have contacted your responsible institution you will receive an official note as to the amount of your contribution.

Your employee works in Germany for a limited period of time or in more than one country? Then specific conditions apply:

Posted workers

Workers who are employed in another European country and who are sent by their employer to work in Germany temporarily are not insured by the statutory accident insurance institutions when it is clear that the time period spent in Germany is limited from the outset. If workers are posted within Europe this period is limited to a maximum of 24 months. In all cases the conditions which apply for posted workers according to national and European law or bilateral agreements have to be fulfilled.

The pursuit of an activity in two or more European countries

Another exception applies, when your employee pursues an activity in two or more European countries. These activities can also be part-time positions for different employers. Depending on the individual circumstances your employee may not be subject to German social security law.

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